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In this Edition of the CARICHAM Newsletter, we would like to feature the ELAN Project: Linguistic Exchanges and Innovative learning through mobility.

ELAN (Linguistic Exchanges and Innovative Learning through Mobility) is a European Union funded project which seeks to improve foreign language skills, facilitate access to higher education and encourage student mobility, training and school exchange programmes within the region.

The objective is to reinforce young persons’ skills in order to improve their access to the labour market and to enhance the attractiveness of territories and finally, to promote a shared Caribbean identity as the basis for an efficient and sustainable regional integration.

Why is ELAN interesting for CARICHAM Member Chambers and Businesses?

ELAN provides businesses with a unique opportunity to have bilingual interns working in different fields with different areas of expertise. Interns are able to work remotely when necessary and can provide their support to businesses as well as Chambers.

ELAN offers a financial support of 700€ to interns to cover the cost of live which is also compatible with a Traineeship stipend.

Simple steps to get an ELAN Intern:

–          Businesses and Chambers interested in hiring an intern share their interest with CARICHAM’s coordinator.

–          Fill out the Internship offer form to specify your needs.

–          The internship offer is shared by ELAN and published on their website

–          Once, students show their interest, Businesses and Chambers lead the recruitment process: interviews and selection of the candidate


–          The Internship should last between one month and six months maximum.

–          Businesses or Chambers hiring the interns must sign the internship agreement as well as the student and the university she/he is enrolled in

–          An Internship assessment should be shared at the end of the internship

Legal Requirement:

–          Each Company and Chamber must comply to their national labour laws regarding remuneration, days off, etc.

Visit the ELAN Website:

May 19, 2024

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